Camelot Kennels


all inclusive pet resort and mountain retreat

40 Ely Road, ​Monson, MA 01057   413-267-4036    1-800-649 DOGS

  • Farewell Bath:

Clean-Up Bath Upon Departure 
$20 - $45  (Pug to Husky)

  • BNE: Bath, Nails, Ears, Drying and 15 Minutes Brushing:  

$25 - $125 (Pug to Great Pyrenees)

  • Add Ons -

Paw Trim $10.00, Nail Clipping $10.00

Camelot is extremely proud of its staff of experienced professionals.

We offer a complete range of grooming services for your pet from nail trimming & ear cleaning to bathing and brushing.

We only use all-natural products.

Our pet stylists have years of experience working with various breeds and hair types. Every effort is made to keep up on the latest in dog fashion and grooming. During our initial consultation, we will work with you to customize your dog’s spa experience. While we strive to accommodate every wish, we always place humanity before vanity.

Our Grooming Services: