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all inclusive pet resort and mountain retreat

  • Puppy Training  
  • Obedience Training   ​
  • Agility Training
  • Nose Work 

How it works: Your dog will come to Camelot and stay for a 10 day period.  While here, they will complete their Obedience Training on site and have a mini vacation. 

Board & Train Dog Obedience Program

10 Days Board and Train All Inclusive $1000
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Training Tip

Puppy Training

40 Ely Road, ​Monson, MA 01057   413-267-4036    1-800-649 DOGS

Camelot Kennels and Pet Resort Dog Training Classes  

 Unfortunately, we have had to temporarily suspend our training program until we find a royal fit for your pets that meets our standard of excellence; because only the best will do for a Camelot pet.  Check back for updates on our search .

You Get What You Reinforce!  Like it?  Reward it!!!  Don’t like it?  Ignore it!!!

When your dog does something you don’t like (thinking jumping, for example), it’s probably because that behavior has been reinforced in the past.  Do you push your dog off you repeatedly, say “off!” or “no!”?  Guess what---you’re reinforcing the behavior you don’t like.  Your dog is getting attention & even though you think it’s negative attention---it’s good attention to him!  So jumping his getting him what he wants!

What should you do for jumping or other behaviors you don’t like?  For starters, ignore it.  Don’t touch or talk to your dog & leave his presence if necessary.  Don’t reinforce the bad behavior!

Now think about this----your dog approaches you calmly & sits (or stands).  Like it?  You bet!  Reward it with a “good boy!”, pet, treat or toy!  Catch your dog doing the good thing & reward him, which can help him learn to repeat the good thing again!

Watch how what you do can help to influence your dog’s behavior!  Want to know more?  Consider Camelot’s dog training programs!

Next Adult Basic Dog Obedience Class Scheduled for:  will resume in spring 2017 

Pre-Registration is Required with advance payment of $130 for six consecutive weeks.
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Train & Stay In-House Dog Training

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Adult Obedience Class

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